How To Upload A Mod To The Steam Workshop

Tutorial How To Upload A Mod To The Steam Workshop

This tutorial will show you how to upload a mod to the Steam Workshop using the UGCManager.
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Cities XXL
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NOTE: This is for cities XXL only.

Howdy all. By now you've probably gotten your grubby little hands on Cities XXL. For those who want to upload your mods to the Steam Workshop here is how you do it.

Step 1: Open the UGCManager located in your Cities XXL folder.
D:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Cities XL 2015

Mine is on a different HDD. I made a shortcut to the desktop for ease.

Step 2:

In the box that says Files, click on Add and find your patch file.
To the right of that you will see the files destination. I've added Funky to the end so that all my mods go in it's own folder so you can find them later if you want to delete them.

Step 3:

In the Preview Picture box click on Browse down the bottom and select the picture you want for your icon in Steam.

Step 4:

In the box labelled Description type in what the mod is, LODs or anything else you deem appropriate. I'd also suggest letting people know that in order for the mod to work they need to subscribe to the XXL Community Mod, which is the new version of the UIM.

Step 4:

In the Tags box just type in whatever you want your mod to be associated

Step 5:

Change the visibility to Public so everyone can subscribe to it. You can also change it to Private first to make sure it uploads correctly on Steam before anyone else sees it. You can change this later on.

Step 6:

In the Title box up the top, type the name of your mod.

Step 7:

Click the big Submit button down the bottom and wait for your mod to be uploaded. Then go check it on Steam to see if everything went according to plan.

Here's a picture of the UGC with everything entered.

You will also see that your new mod will be listed in the Items box. You can select one of your mods if you want to change anything or update the mod.
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