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Unmaintained [NICK97] Resources Icon In Search Results - XF2 v2.1.7

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Add resource icon instead of avatar in search results
This add-on is compatible with XenForo 2.2
What’s New:
  • Restored description in addon.json file
  • Updated install-upgrade.json file
  • Updated developer info in addon.json file
What’s New:
  • Removed 2 usergroup permissions
  • Removed addon options
  • Added GameNet Footer
  • Added Support [XFA] RM Download from list - XF2


What’s New:
  • Removed Extra.less and xfrm_fix_resources_icon because the resources icon icon is now fixed you may download it on
  • Added Template modifications option if you install XenMax Resource Icon - XF2

Bug Fixes:
  • Bug Fixed Resource icon not display when XenMax Resource Icon - XF2