XSNation Community Client

Unlocker XSNation Community Client v2.0.0

Brand New XSNation Community App For Windows That's you can post, download and...?
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What’s New:
  • Added Help Viewer
  • Added Better Tooltab
  • Added Cookie usage
  • Added Terms and rules
  • Added Privacy policy
  • Added Bookmark Support
  • Updated to XenForo 2.1
Bug Fix:
  • Bug Fixed Chat Not Opening or showing
  • Updated all links to the xsnation client


What's New:
  • Added Website IP Address Dialog
  • Added Search Tab
  • Added Help and Support Tab
  • Added Others Programs Tab
  • Added Taskbar Assistant with icon image
  • Added Alert Feature
  • Changed Search box with search button
  • Changed Icon Image for the program
What's New:
  • Restore Form exit button
  • Added Bookmark in
  • Added User Ratings (coming soon)
  • Added Sub accounts
  • Added Friends feature
  • Added Likes to avatar feature (coming soon)
  • Added XenMood Feature (coming soon)
  • Added Refresh Button
  • Added Workshop Feature
  • Added View logs with log setup
  • 1 New Program (About Client)
Bug Fix:
  • Bug Fixed Share URL
  • Bug Fixed Homepage URL
What's New:
  • Improvement about web dialog
  • Improvement about client dialog
  • Improvements help dialog with toolbar feature
  • Improvements Form1 Dialog With Logo
  • Restore Search Box With Search Button
Bug Fix:
  • Bug Fixed Homepage Not Loading in citiesxlmods.com tab
  • Bug Fixed Back button and forward button
  • Bug Fixed Copy, Cut and Paste is Now Working
  • Bug Fixed Undo and Redo is Now Working
What's New:
  • Added Search Box
  • Added History Form
  • Added Privacy
  • Added Main Buttons
  • Added Agreement Form
  • Added Toolbar Mainbar
  • Removed URL Bar
  • Removed Toolbar1
  • Removed History Mainbar in Edit
Bug Fix:
  • Fixed Button Actict
  • Fixed Webba
  • Fixed About Link
Note: Last Saturday I Post To Upload the file but the site uploader was not working
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