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XSNation Community For Windows

Unlocker XSNation Community For Windows v2.0.0

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Brand New XSNation Community App For Windows That's you can post, download and...?
What's New:
- Added Support Submain
- Added Close Button In View Members Under Toolbars

- View Members improvement
- Account improvement
- Bookmark improvement

Bug Fix:
- Bug Fixed Progress Bar
- Bug Fixed Form Close Button
What's New:
- Added View Members Form
- Added Account Setup Form
- Added Notify Setup

- improvement Help Form
- improvement Links
- improvement Notify Form

Bug Fix:
- Fixed Program Crash for some users
New Feature:
- Added Bookmark Feature
- Added Team and Rules Feature
- Added Login Setup

- Charged Team and Rules Form

Bug Fix:
- Bug Fixed Program is Not Showing
- Bug Fixed Right Click Not Showing
- Bug Fixed Speed Taking Long Time To Load
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